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Pro finanční nezávislost a zdraví

The Public Money AG provides for their unconditional basic income & for their health, by marketing the best health products, because all our products have a low price guarantee in Europe. Through the combination of the association and the AG, the members have the opportunity to access funds and interest that would normally only be possible for large entrepreneurs or banks, and to build up a life without work in one year. This means that the AG or the association only trade in the best products on the market and build up a passive income for the members by sharing the commissions. And yes, you earn regularly and much more if you seek better followers instead of selling.


When you register with Public Money, you don’t pay a cent, but you get your own advertising link to collect „followers“. Only after the trial period of 6 months you pay the monthly fee of 30,- € or you leave for free. However, since you already have a few followers after 6 months and each follower will earn you at least 200,- € sooner or later, there will not be any „withdrawals“. What’s wrong with testing it for 6 months without any costs? What speaks in favour is that you build up a passive income that grows every month and that our health products are demonstrably the best in Europe.

Sources of income
for their unconditional basic income

The membership fee

Must trade or buy

Your pension

1% per month

without risk

Investment & Security
in gold
from 01.01.2023

Our products

"Powder of life"

Against any kind of heart attack or stroke according to the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

"Tea of the millennials"

The 8 healthiest teas in the world with natural antibiotics/penicillin

Your private pension

1% monthly (in the 1st year even 20% return) with 100% guarantee and 250% protection

Healing air

With 200 million anions per cm³, the strongest oxygen ioniser in Europe and of course with a low price guarantee.

Security & guaranteed return

Gold in the form of bars is the biggest guarantee there is. But with us, there is also the guaranteed yield

Your idea becomes our product

Earn through a good idea for a lifetime, because should you find a good product for our association, you are provided for, because you get the full brokerage commission (3% + 19% VAT) for life.

We are the sales community with the best products on the market, which always divides all commissions by 6, i.e. one part for the association and 5 parts for you and your predecessors. And please don’t forget, you are later also the predecessor of hundreds of „followers“ who bring you hundreds of shares.

Our turbo

or how do I get faster to the
Unconditional Basic Income

4 advantages for paying members

Online registrations are distributed fairly to all paying members

Advertising space is free for paying members

Capital protection on all Public Money investments (incl. interest)

You get 1,000 personalised business cards for free every 3 months to get followers. Of course, they can also be customised.

From dishwasher

to millionaire

How do I become a millionaire

within one to two years?

You acquire an association (via the board), a company (via its CEO) or any kind of association, because their members have more trust in their chairman or boss than in you. If you convince these people of our concept, you will get much more followers in their distribution structure through their leadership language, i.e. focus more on people who lead groups or on people who have advertising space that many people see. A very important point is also that these „leaders“ earn much more from this arrangement than you do, because their structure goes down a level (see figure) Each follower means several hundred euros for each member sooner or later. Here are 6 points that speak for this kind of advertising

1. „Must trade or buy“, means that every member must sell or buy our 3 (and later other products of the association) products once himself, i.e. but also you get a few hundred euros (commission) from every follower.

2. In MLM we calculate with a factor of 5 per sales level and since everyone earns from 5 levels with followers, this multiplies. If we assume that 50 people are recruited from their ranks by an association board, this means as follows: Association board – 50 – 250 – 1250 – 6250, i.e. 7,800 followers from whom you earn 170,- € each (for the first 3 products), so in total you earn 1.3 million € within 1 to 2 years.

3. The club or the company would earn one step further, which would then be several million.

4. No new member pays even a cent for registration, but gets his own advertising link for free.

5. Our products are unique and among the best products (health & income) in Europe, which means there is always a low price guarantee on every product.

6. We are a non-profit association, where every follower automatically becomes a member and has a say in new products or general rules…

As the MLM software for Public Money is not yet programmed, I ask everyone to contact me via WhatsApp, 015775797767, or mail, i.e. name, address, phone no., email. Is there an account or wallet and if so please the details and who was your advertiser or how did you find us?
Thank you
You will get an answer within a few days.

These are the 5 companies that belong to Public Money e.V., i.e. the aim of this association is to integrate the suppliers‘ companies into the Public Money association sooner or later.